Who are we
Nomon Factory S.L. is a company that designs, produces and sells state of the art clocks which, through remarkable elegance, add a touch of distinction to both public and domestic spaces.
We see ourselves reflected in the beauty of our surroundings and for this reason we cannot leave the selection of a object such as a clock to chance, it is a accessory which is central to our daily lives. Nomon has chosen the clock, orphaned and forgotten in the world of furnishings, with the aim of restoring it to its proper place as the centerpiece it deserves to be, to a privilege it enjoyed in
the past, marking the passing of time with style.
The designer at Nomon is Jose María Reina, his designs are innovative and transcendental both in form and choice of materials. His talent puts the aesthetic value of the clock to the forefront, instilling beauty into an otherwise
everyday thing.
Nomon is defined by projects that are innovative, creative and daring with a multitude of possibilities. Thanks to his sensitivity and imagination, his clocks adapt themselves to an endless number of spaces.
The Product – Stile and exclusivity
The clock, a traditional element in furnishing and decoration had been neglected.
It had not undergone the same evolution and development through the years as other items of furniture. The mission of Nomon was to restore the importance of the clock as essential item and plan its development, adapting it to our needs and
giving it a unique personality.

Nomon’s creations are exclusive; there is no other company in existence that dedicates the same amount of attention to this most practical accessory.
Nomon clocks inspire serenity due to their apparent simplicity. They are memorable and they bestow a sensuality and creativity to the spaces they adorn.

It is our firm belief that the selection of a centrepiece as important as the clock cannot be left to chance in whatever architectural or interior design project. This opinion is a supported by professionals in the majority of interior design projects
that they carry out. Nomon design and produce clocks of different sizes and materials, from small to large in size and using a range of different finishes like wood, cherry, walnut, Japanese lacquer, steel, fiberglass, cardboard, glass and

Nomons objective is to always offer the best solution for every project, making possible the development of personalized and customised designs which are specifically tailored to the needs of the client. The versatility of our product makes it ideal for every type of space: the home, reception, office, executive boardroom, restaurant, gymnasium, library etc.

Using a simple mechanism driven by a battery that does not require an external power source allows for a very simple installation. Also, Nomon clocks do not generate any noise, the clocks are completely silent and will not cause any disturbance.
The OJ is a new concept in wall clock with pioneering looks and versatility. It is easy to install thanks to it’s self adhesive hour markers and is available in two sizes:

– OJ: 80 cm diameter
– OJ mini: 50 cm diameter
Made from plastic and in a wide range of colours: black, grey, silver, red, brick red, ivory, blue, newblue, orange, green, purple and white.
Collection of unique and new pieces made with noble materials (steel finish with chrome, gold or oven, walnut, cherry, lacquer, Japanese lacquer and fiberglass) that stand out for their contemporary designs that evoke to the past.
En Punto
A collection that has been developed with the objective that they will be used in a reduced space such as a kitchen or an apartment and for this reason a clock of more adaptable dimensions is needed.

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